My Story

I didn’t always plan to be a photographer. 

“Thank you for your application but your application was not accepted into our graphic design program.” After two years working to pursue a career in graphic design, this sentence crushed me. Now what?

Sure I could apply again next year?

Sure I could apply again the year after that?

I allowed myself one more semester to play around with my options before giving up on higher education all together. After a week of printmaking, sculpture, and painting….I realized I picked the wrong path.

In my first semester of taking fine art photography there was a steep learning curve for me. Never had I processed or even taken a film photo. Compared to everyone else in my class, my skills were at the bottom. Regardless of all of those.


While my experience to discover my love for photography was through school I by no means think it is a must. Creativity is flexible that way. Yes I loved it. I loved learning new techniques that haven’t been used in years. I loved the challenge of all of my assignments to think out of the box. I loved all of my fellow nerdy art school friends. But do you know what I don’t enjoy. Paying for School. I enjoyed it, but playing by the rules of the university was not my favorite. I ended up turning a 4 year program into 3 years and consumed everything I could photography related in those 3 years.

I left the University of Utah with my photo degree and had a job with a photo studio all set up.

Since my university photo school days my path in photography has been an ever changing one.

Over this 9 year journey I have experienced many different realms of the photography world and have been incredibly blessed to work with the BEST clients over the entire journey. I’ve been part of so many big moments & memories. Seriously though, I get to create and highlight people & who they love for a LIVING. It’s the best.

Sometimes people ask me what I would do if I wasn’t doing photography. I honestly don’t know now.

I’m grateful that I never got into that graphic design program.

I’m grateful that I didn’t quit school after I opened the rejection letter.

I’m grateful that I decided to finish school and continue learning about the art of photography from there.

Creating art for people is the best blessing and I wouldn’t re-do that journey in any other way.



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