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senior portraits capture more than a moment

they capture YOU

Austin, TX
Park City, UT 

Whether I’m planning the vision for a shoot, editing images, picking up prints, or snapping phone pics of my cute son, I spend my days capturing moments to last. 

I didn’t always know photography was my future. I was a creative soul and landed myself in art school with no final destination. After a failed attempt at graphic design, lots of art classes, I found myself in my first dark room photography class. I was hooked!! Photography quickly became my creative language and I ended up studying it and graduating with a BFA from the University of Utah. 

I believe….. The best pictures the ones where the people in them don’t even remember there’s someone watching. Capturing someone’s authentic expression of their soul is my jam. If I can get you to feel confident, comfortable, and happy (and I can!), I guarantee you’ll get images you LOVE. 

Besides photography, I also love traveling, trying new foods, going all-in on my own Great British Bake-Off home challenges, re-watching Gilmore Girls, and learning about environmental science and our impact on the earth. 

aloha! I'm keala


I love feeling comfortable enough to be myself. Whether I’m dancing like a fool as I do dishes, rocking out in my car to Taylor Swift, or crying laughing on the couch watching Clue. My favorite feeling is the combination of fun and comfort. Adventure and familiarity. 
I want to capture you feeling like your most comfortably authentic self. Your music, your outfits, your style, your heart ---all wrapped up into an image as unique and wild as you. 
I’m all about the candid feel, the genuine expressions of joy, and a few choreographed poses to make sure we catch the real moments but at the best angles. My photos will have a spontaneous feel while you get all the support and prompts to feel natural. Kiss awareness and insecurity goodbye, and let’s capture the true art of you!

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