Dear Class of 2020

Dear Class of 2020,

As the news changes daily it’s become more of a reality that what might have been a cool unplugged-esque break from school is now the new norm. For you seniors, whether you are in high school or college, this sucks. The last few months of school are some of the best to look forward to and you have been robbed of some beautiful final moments that I know so many of you were looking forward to.

For some of you high school seniors, it’s a cruel slap in the face saying “welcome to adulthood, sorry you can’t celebrate.” No final spring prom where you planned to go all out with your besties and wear a killer dress. Saying goodbye more and more to the possibility of no graduation ceremony. Along with that, last blast senior parties and senior trips. For those of you with spring sports you never got your senior night to highlight your last season after 4 years! Student government final assemblies and events are no longer an option.

All of the proper things to help say goodbye to this chapter of your life is now less ceremonious and far less fun. I’m so sorry you guys. Online school sucks. Not being able to hang out with your friends sucks. Heck for those of you who I know had epic senior trips with your family this summer…THIS SUCKS!

The closure that you deserved is being taken away from you. With all of you being such eager go getters it’s even more unsettling to know you can’t do much about it. The uncertainty that lies beyond graduation isn’t a ray of sunshine at the moment either.

I’m so sorry that this is happening to you. I know simply saying “this is temporary” or “this will pass” or even “this isn’t forever” doesn’t help you right now in feeling robbed of a certain future. But I hope you are able to find some joy and delight in this time. While there is a lot to be upset about (legit though you have every right to be mad) there are also some rare opportunities to grab a hold of. Happy things to enjoy. Incredible growth to be had. Kindness to share. If there is a gift in this opportunity…what would that be for you?

Stay strong my Class of 2020.