Meet Keala

  • Keala Jarvis

Congratulations Seniors!

Senior year is full of so many memories and it is our job here at Keala Jarvis Photography to help those memories last a lifetime! 

How did KJP come to be? Well let me tell ya a bit about me 🙂

Born and raised in the rockies of Salt Lake City Utah it was in my first art class in high school where I found my love for creating. It wasn't until my second year in college after a photo class that I found my calling in life and haven't looked back! In 2012 I graduated from the University of Utah with a BFA in Fine Art Photography and have since been nationally featured & published.

Why are seniors my jam? For 2 years I worked with young teenage girls at the YWCA and I learned two big things. First was how bright & loving their hearts were and the second was how insecure every single girl felt about their looks & personality. I felt like I had something to contribute to them. Not only do I specialize in capturing & showing the beauty of every single girl through the photos but to also create an environment where they feel uplifted. 

At KJP I feel it's a given to get incredible images that highlight who you are, but also pride ourselves on giving an experience that is above & beyond anyone else. Because senior portraits are a HUGE part of your senior year, and it is our job to make that experience the absolute best. 

Let's celebrate your awesomeness, youth, & love for life with a kick butt awesome senior session that highlights YOU.





High School Keala

Facts about High School Keala

  • School: Highland High School
  • Graduation: Class of 2007
  • Favorite Food: Hot Chocolate from Maverick  & Krispy Cream Donuts & Frazils
  • Extracurricular: Cheerleading
  • Celebrity Crush: Orlando Bloom
  • Favorite Friend Activity: Anything super random & crazy
  • Couldn't Live Without: My flip had a mirror in front and I thought it was awesome