I didn’t always plan to be a photographer. 

“Thank you for your application but your application not accepted into our graphic design program.” After two years working to pursue a career in graphic design, this sentence crushed me. Now what?

Sure I could apply again next year?

Sure I could apply again the year after that?

I allowed myself one more semester to play around with my options before giving up on higher education all together. After a week of printmaking, sculpture, and painting….I realized I picked the wrong path. 

Family & Senior Photographer Los Altos Palo Alto California Northern

It was during my first week of photography dark room that it hit me. THIS IS IT!! *Eureka moment!* I ran into the advisors office and switched my major to Fine Art Photography that day. There I was all in, and completely obsessed with what I had discovered was my true passion, PHOTOGRAPHY!

For the first time ever, I loved school. But let me be real, I was also the worst one in my classes that first semester.

In the two years I was prepping to go into graphic design, all of my photographer major friends were working two years mastering their pre-film photography game. But it didn’t matter to me. I had found my life’s passion and their excellence only raised the bar for me.

Photography as a career has blessed me with all of my favorite things, creating, connecting with people, and a drive to continue learning. Sharing that with all of you has been the biggest blessing.

Nothing makes me more happy than hearing,

“OMG I look beautiful!”
“*crying* *sniffles*”

That is how I began on this beautiful journey of photography and why I love it so much. Have you found your life’s passion? What have you discovered in your journey?


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